Trump pulls back from big changes to gun laws

Trump pulls back from big changes to gun laws
U.S. President Donald Trump will support a modest set of fixes to gun laws, stepping back from some of the more sweeping changes he had considered after the country's latest mass school shooting. Grace Lee reports.
President Donald Trump's school safety proposal was revealed on Sunday (March 11), which includes arming teachers and faculty, but pulls back from some of the more sweeping changes he considered last month.

The legislation aims at providing more data for the background check system, a database of people who are not legally allowed to buy guns.


"If we see a sicko, I don't want him having a gun."

White house officials are calling the plan "pragmatic."

Trump is stepping back from more contentious proposals, such as raising the minimum age to buy guns to 21 or background checks for guns bought at gun shows or the Internet.

Those will be studied by a commission led by education secretary Betsy DeVos.

The Justice Department will also give grants to states that want to train teachers to carry guns in school.

It's an idea already in place in a small number of states and backed by the NRA.

Trump has said he believes armed teachers would deter school shootings, and vowed to take action after a gunman killed 17 people at a Florida high school last month.

A former student is accused of using an assault-style rifle to carry out the massacre.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer laid into Trump's plan on Twitter late Sunday (March 11), calling it "tiny baby steps designed not to upset the NRA" and said Democratic senators would push for further gun control.


Source: Times of Oman,
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